Boring bits in a nutshell

Terms and Conditions 

We are a small owner-operated family business and would kindly ask that you and your family and guests treat our treasured equipment with utmost care and respect in conforming to the following ‘Terms and conditions’. The words ‘we, us or our’’ refer to the owner of the equipment and the word ‘you’ or ‘your’ refers to the hirer of the equipment.

1. Provision of equipment: We will provide equipment that has been checked for functionality with all parts counted and cleaned before dispatch.

2. Receipt of equipment: You must check all of the equipment you had ordered on collection or on delivery and notify the owner immediately of any malfunction, breakages or missing items.

3. Return of equipment: You must return equipment to the collection point or arrange to have it collected by us on the agreed date.

4. Replacement of damaged equipment: You must return equipment that has been hired in the same condition. Should any damage, theft or loss occur then you will be liable for replacement.

5. Hirer’s responsibilities:

(a) You take full responsibility for the equipment from the time of receipt until delivery by you or collection from you by us.

(b) You must use the equipment in a proper, safe and prudent manner and only for the purpose and capacity for which it was designed.

(c) You must only use the equipment in the intended form.

(d) You assume all risk and indemnify us wholly from any harm and damage caused to property and personal injury resulting from the hired equipment use.

(e) You must ensure all hired equipment is returned to us or is being collected by us is in a clean, dry and properly packed condition. Any equipment found to be wet, unclean or improperly packed will incur a charge or refund of bond to restore the equipment to the original condition.

(f) You must protect all hired equipment against adverse weather conditions. For example, during hail, rainy or windy periods, the equipment is to be kept under shelter.

6. Charges and terms of payment:

(a) To confirm your hire booking of equipment we full require payment 5 days after the invoice is issued. 

(c) Bond: Some equipment may require a bond to be allocated and paid by you beforehand to us in addition to the deposit by the hirer. The bond money will be repaid to you provided the equipment is found in the same condition after being returned to or collected by us.

(d) Delivery and collection: A charge of $1.00/km will apply to you in the metropolitan area of Perth for the pre-arranged delivery and collection of equipment by us. Outside of this area a fee will need to be negotiated with us.

7. Cancellations:

(a) Notice: You must give notice in in writing to cancel an equipment booking,

(b) Refund: Refunds will be given as follows:

I. More than five days before scheduled collection or delivery date we refund full payment.

II. Two to four days before scheduled collection or delivery date we refund 50% of payment.

III. Less than two days before scheduled collection or delivery date no refund of payment applies.